Raluca Rosu Irina Gache

Homage to Raluca Rosu

There are people and there are artists, there are artists and there are muses. Sometimes these 3 just intertwine in a perfection that is non-existent in the tumultuous reality we live in. There are people that carry emotions and thoughts like vessels, gathering inside them the weight of the world […]

‘Last Day of Summer’ – Photo-Editorial by Andrei Vintilă

[:en] Andrei Vintilă is a visual artist based in Bucharest. His time is shared between co-working on a sneaker/streetwear shop, a vintage wear fashion concept, and solo-working on minimal illustrations and fashion editorial photography. Andrei is one of those who try and make a living out of bringing the fashion […]

Lucian Harbada’s Collages Offer a New, Unusual Perspective on Life and Reality

[:en] I recently ran into Lucian Harbada‘s work and I’m feeling excited I eventually did this. He creates impressing minimalist collages, managing to offer a new and unusual perspective on life and reality. Lucian presents his own parallel world, where everything seem to be surrounded by the vast emptiness of […]