The forthcoming Noorvik album titled “Hamartia” will be released on April 22nd on Tonzonen Records. Recently the quartet presents the second video single ‘Tartaros’, with a heavy post-apocalyptic vibe.

Noorvik tells us: “With the second single Tartaros closes the new album Hamartia and sends the listener into the deepest underworld. After Tantalos has upset the gods, his arrogance plunges him into Tartaros, the deepest level of Hades, where he must endure eternal torment. Tartaros thus gives a foretaste of the end of the story told on Hamartia, which began with the first single Tantalos.

After having devoted themselves thematically to colder spaces on their first two releases, Noorvik and their new lineup dive into the fiery realm of Greek Mythology on “Hamartia”. The story of Tantalus is the focus of an epic musical journey: almost seventy minutes of progressive instrumental music in which a king realizes the consequences of his arrogant actions and in the end falls from his throne to a special level of the underworld, Tartarus.

“Hamartia” metaphorically tells of how man’s greed and arrogance sow the seeds of his own downfall. Narcissism and egotism outshine the pristine beauty of the world and the innocence of its inhabitants. Tantalus is emblematic of our modern society in that while we live in technological splendor, we will eventually reap the inevitable consequence of our actions.

But Noorvik also reflects the desperation and hope of a generation on Hamartia, wanting change and not tolerating the current situation. It becomes clear that the ancient myth of Tantalus is still relevant today.

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