Today the Finnish band releases the second single ‘Dive Into I’ that creates special energy and provides a new groove of Fear of Domination who are known for their energetic approach and impressive visual performances.

Dive Into I was a journey into myself and how I see the deepest essence of other people. There exist many questions but not so many answers. When observing other people one can often detect behavioral cycles or patterns. Even though times change, some of our problems seem to stay. In a way, we seem to need that conflict and chaos inside of us. We even seem to understand where we really stand but still, we let ourselves dive into that chaos. Maybe even enjoy it,” singer Saku Solin describes the meaning of the song.

“The first demo version of the second single Dive Into I was born a couple of years ago. The song originated when I was in the deep waters of my life. Therefore, the song exudes a certain kind of despair and anxiety. Seasonal depression and loneliness are powerful muses if the emotions they bring can be centralized and used in a creative way. The song reminds me of how I’ve changed as a person since then and reached toward a better mental balance,” guitarist Jan-Erik Kari (guitar) defines the birth story of the song.

The seven-piece from Finland serves their industrial-flavored metal with a healthy side of crazy, cooking up a chaotically beautiful tour de force both on stage and record. With their elaborate stage personae and frenetic brand of modern metal, Fear of Domination is on a mission to break boundaries of what can or should be done, and – of course – conquer the world while doing so. The new album is planned to be released via Out Of Line Music in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the USA.

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