Blending portrait, street, and nude photography, the portfolio of New York-based photographer Zeno Gill is one of the sensual moments, delicate lighting, and crisp portraits. Shooting primarily with a Sony A7rii for digital photography and a vintage Canon AE1 for 35mm photography, his work consists of playful imagery leaning into narrative detail.

Living in Westchester, he developed his love for photography; thus, his eye for color and beauty imprints his photographs with a delicate yet wildish aesthetic. Whether Zeno shoots beautiful street sceneries to intimate portraits, he perfectly captures serene moments that inspire a world of emotions. His series is dominated mainly by soft tones or monochrome themes, expressing a unique connection to the models.

Zeno says he has trouble describing his style. “Maybe I’m still searching for it, or I cannot commit to a style.” While his photography style is yet to be described, Zeno Gill opens conversations and collects stories through different approaches.

The photographer’s newest series, “Leaving the Park,” offers a glimpse of beauty and a spirit of adventure straight into the heart of the city. While evoking emotional desires, his subject imposes her presence and reveals her personality through the frame.

Photo: (c) Zeno Gill
Model: Natasha Klein
Location: Central Park, New York, New York, US

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