Here we are, at the beginning of 2019 and in a lot of ways it’s time for something new. Music is a very important part of our daily activity, or at least for me. We can not spend a day without interacting with music. And you know the feeling. The content of this is something to experiment. I discovered a band about few days ago when I listened Caspian on YouTube, and I was very surprised by these guys, originally from Salt Lake, Utah, named Cult Leader. You may know the band already, and if you ask me, it’s a very challenging project, with an interesting take on hardcore direction focusing on the influences.

I didn’t expect to like it, so I spent 24 hours listening to their albums, Lightless Walk (2015) and A Patient Man (2018), both with some awesome art looks. Definitely worth it, I could say, but still their music is not easy to listen to or is not easy if you aren’t in a good mood. Anyway, they seem to make a good fit in the group, especially after the breakup of Gaza, now experimenting elements of a punk, hardcore and extreme metal, at the first sight.

For me, the first recording of their album “Lightless Walk” is a combination of something complex with a consistent mood. Pretty technical with solid riffs, faster chords and dynamic rhythm. Some parts are influenced by melodic tones and textures creating an specific atmosphere, that holds your attention with some soft notes and clean vocal sound. I could say that the main theme of the record is the dynamics who takes you into a landscape of darkness. Sympathetic and Lightless Walk are the heart of the album.

The second studio album, let’s say it’s more rhythmic, more aggressive with some variations of screaming and growling, who makes a very clear record whose message is about suffering, anxiety and death. From song to song, the intros are nicely composed and help to describe an amazing composition with powerful chords. But at the same time, it is extremely apart, with 10 songs grabbing your attention very fast and just like they said “proving that aggressive music still has much to offer the world in terms of originality, creativity, and emotion.

Here are a few songs I like:

1. The Sorrow ~Lightless Walk

2. Sympathetic ~ Lightless Walk

3. A Good Life ~ Lightless Walk

4. How Deep It Runs ~ Lightless Walk

5. Lightless Walk ~ Lightless Walk

6. Curse of Satisfaction ~ A Patient Man

7. Achlys ~ A Patient Man

8. A Patient Man ~ A Patient Man

9. The Broken Right Hand of God ~ A Patient Man

Text by Andreea Sanduleasa

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