Her Squat is an alternative art space and fluid feminist group, that aims to promote the existence of unique and unconventional ideas: radical and experimental exhibitions, offering artists the opportunity to exhibit their work, hold salons, develop merchandise and grow their practice.

The vision of Her Squat is to discover the existence of unique and alternative ideas, to be a new kind of art institution with the most imagination and independence.

The exhibition from Studio 55 hosted artists like Raluca Ioana Milescu (ccrocodiletearss) with a series of collages, La lune aime le soleil (LUNĂ) – Cristiana Chivu with a mural, Maria Motyleva (Russia, Portugal) with a series of prints, Diana Matilda Crișan, Ana Letzner, Marta Mattioli, Sinem Görücü. Populating the walls of the urban salon with an industrial vibe, this exhibition confronted the loftiness of the gallery’s white cube, by promoting work that is experimental, alternative, queer in an unconventional exhibition space.

Ana Letzner
Mural – Cristiana Chivu
Marta Mattioli
Diana Matilda Crișan

We believe that the conditions under which art is exhibited will be in flux; the preferable locations will change, and we want to lead this change. We want to challenge the conservative, patriarchal and unsustainable institution of the museum, and democratize contemporary art, by making it available to a large swath of the population, in diverse and unconventional spaces. Our “museum” is a collection of outdoor interventions instead of a single, sprawling institution. The intention is to think differently about how we perceive access to art and how art can be enhanced in relation to other spaces and settings. We start with a beauty salon.

We want to invite deeper conversations around the themes brought up by the artists exposed there: visions of humanity, feminine/masculine dichotomies, hypersexualization (hyper-masculinization, hyperfeminization), body image, mental health, vulnerability, eroticism, taking over the power, queer, alternative, punk and many more.

Marta Mattioli & Sinem Görücü
 Raluca Ioana Milescu
 Raluca Ioana Milescu

Artists: Ana Letzner, Ioana Raluca Milescu, Diana Matilda CrișanSinem Görücü, Marta Mattioli, Maria Motyleva, Cristiana Chivu

Co-curators of the exhibition: Andra Bria, Anastasia Lipcanu

Partners: Studio 55 Beauty Salon

Photo: (c) Didi Elena