Six long years following the release of their critically acclaimed debut full-length album “Heavy Over The Home”, Perth-based death-metal band Sanzu finally break the silence and announce a new album “Our Behaviour When Drowning”, tentatively set for release in early 2022. 

When is the new album coming out? Well.. after we tour our 2015 release, ‘Heavy Over the Home’. After we take a year to write, shelve a few songs and struggle with the question of where to go next…After we try to make touring actually work. Mostly failing. After we succumb to internal conflicts, not about music but character. After losing 2 key members and calling it done, without saying it, even to ourselves. After parting ways with our record label on the grounds that we would barely scrape a single together. After new talent comes volunteers in and a former invaluable member returns, breathing new life into this. After Covid19 washed away the music industry and its distractions on our mentality, rendering few priorities left – music. And after 6 years and still finding ourselves utterly indebted to try.

Anyway, we wanted you to know that it’s actually happening. At this moment we’re in final pre-production on a dozen or so songs. Some have been rewritten a dozen times over the years, some are fresh from the void. Maybe not all will make the cut.

Forged in 2013 in Perth, Australia, Sanzu is a unique beast that has unleashed heavy music in a way that utilizes diversity and originality without straying too far from its death metal foundation. Melodic saw-blade riffs meet savage bass lines and earth-quaking percussion manifesting a rhythm section that thunders and grooves in unison with unrestrained vocal assaults akin to some malformed diabolic beast MetalSucks likened to Gojira and Morbid Angel.

It’s heavier, darker, free, and for us, ever braver. And you can bet that thematically it draws on a lot of the above. Believe us that some of its elements have truly been incubating for over half a decade with its just never being the right time, we are sorry for the wait. Even the artwork has been on the shelf since about the time HOTH was released, made by the inspiring Tammy Andrews.

We can’t wait to get this out. But in true modern SANZU fashion, it’s still just in good time.

The band self-released one EP “Painless” and their debut full-length, “Heavy Over The Home”, in 2015 to wide-spread critical acclaim, also leading them to a record deal with Listenable Records, who reissued their debut album on cd and vinyl in early 2016.

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