Detset from Tampere, Finland, has signed to Out Of Line Music for the next chapter of their career. Detset is the freshest artist to come out of Finland for a long time! And to mark the exciting news, Out Of Line TV has shared a video single ‘Graves’.

Vocalist Sami Silvennoinen comments about the single ‘Graves’:

I was at a crossroads in my life, so “Graves” lyrics came from that dark place. The deeper meaning of the song is that we only have a certain amount of grains of sand in our hourglass. You can repeat your mistakes as many times as you like. Your heart can be broken hundreds of times, but you can’t do anything about your past. All we have is the present. So let your mind be shattered, heartbroken, but don’t try to push those things away because the shadow will follow, and every invisible scar is attached to it. We have one life and one grave so embrace every scar you have. Everything happens for a reason.

The single entitled ‘Graves’ is a story about singer Sami Silvennoinen‘s two sides, the dark shadow that follows him through life and the struggle for his other half to keep it hidden. The video, shot and produced by the band, showcases the amount of work this artist is willing to put into their career and their incredible creative talent. For Sami personally, the most unusual thing about Detset is that there are no boundaries, “we can evolve with this band in any direction we want to go. Also, it is great to write lyrics that are a little edgy, but there is always a reason behind the words.”

Detset means to me expression without any censorship. It tells about my personal struggles in a little twisted way, but those struggles are hidden inside those words. Detset also means brotherhood to me. As I said before, there have been ups and downs, but those things bring us closer,” he concludes.

The video ‘Graves’ was primarily filmed in a gravel pit, “bodybag shots were filmed at my place,” adds singer Sami, “our drummer Janne Putkisaari had the idea for this song, so we filmed this video.”

Little trivia about this video is that Sami also created the body: “It was pretty funny to walk on the streets, in the middle of the day, carrying a body. Also, it was a very hot day when we filmed the parts where my body was painted black. My body was confused because the sweat could not get out of my body.”

Yet to release their debut album, Detset has already achieved feats that many bands only dream of achieving during their whole career. Detset has graced the Finnish festival circuit, played massive support shows. Following ‘Graves’, the band is due to release their following single and music video, ‘So Offended’, on July 30th.

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Photos: (c) Carolin Büttner