Norwegian post-punk band DUVEL has just shared their entire self-titled second album set for release via Oslo-based label Fysisk Format. Another record that sits comfortably within the post-punk revival, albeit with a lighter edge than other bands. So, we have in front of us an album quite energetic and melodic, with the band drawing influence from goth rock and new wave for good measure. With this record, Duvel definitely marks an evolution from its far rawer predecessor “Attempts At Speech”.

Initially formed by Zacharias Flaathe on bass, Brage Lindebrekke on drums, and Jack Holldorff on guitar and vocals, DUVEL expanded into a four-piece band with the entrance of Kaspar Nikolaisen Hegre on keys right after the release of their promising debut album “Attempts At Speech” in 2018. This gives the band’s sound an added layer of energy and drive, as well as dragging their music more towards 90’s Britpop. DUVEL is a rookie band that shows an insane amount of potential with their DIY/punk attitude mixed into their dreamy, charming style of music. 

You can listen to and pre-order DUVEL‘s self-titled album: HERE.

Recorded and produced by Morten Øby and DUVEL
Mixed by Morten Øby

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