Visual poetry is not only for your listening pleasure, but also for your viewing pleasure. It urges you to think about what the author may want to take away from that, or to make you understand better his poems through a dreamy, visual journey. Andrei Purcarea‘s poems are concise, each word and line carries tone, texture, weight and meaning. Transforming them in nothing but a prompt ‘let your eyes explore a melancholic, surreal world’ makes for an inspirational way to take in the art nowadays. Of course, Andrei’s videos captures the same elements as above: tone, line, texture, but with every word and frame he takes, he adds mystery and a beautiful suspense. He does that simply by sharing his inner thoughts with the viewers, letting us explore the interplay of poetry and video art.

After a real success with their latest projects “Fotografii de citit“, “Ma Bucur(ca)esti” or Film+Faded, the Romanian artists Andrei Purcarea and Andreea Mitran have created the F A S C Í C U L studio (Visual Storytelling). Both for Andreea and Andrei, photography has always been a hobby, and with Andrei’s soulful writing, they came to this very point. In Andrei’s short films, he wrestles with the intimate concept of love, stillness or beauty, making it a forever uncertain experience. He uses a Fujifilm X-T3, 18-55mm.

Model: Alexandra Miclescu
Models: Alexandra & Bianca Oance
Model: Andreea Mitran
Model: Madalina Mladin

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All copyrights belong to Andrei Purcarea.

Cover photo: Screenshot from ‘Silence is precious’

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