Romanian pop, rock artist Jean Gavril returns with his latest music video for ‘Nevinovat‘, a personal story inspired by his relationship and marriage. Currently, focusing on his pop career, Jean don’t fail to present in front of his audience, a soft, intimate song, that makes you wonder about love’s ups and downs.

While it’s clearly a hit that will do well on the radio—like much of Jean Gavril’s work—it also has enough old-school soul to sound unique. ‘Nevinovat’ (~not guilty ~) has such heartfelt lyrics where you catch yourself relating to it on a multitude of different levels. Frankly, Jean’s songs are very poetic and different. Each song has its own sound, but they convey a sense of maturity and emotion that we’ve started seeing when he first teamed up with Feli for ‘Ultimul Val‘ or ‘Îți pare rău!

The music video is sexy, provocative with warm and playful lights and the artist’s wife Bianca Gavrila dancing..well, I leave that to your imagination! It’s just that the pair make quite a combo, in love, marriage, and lately, in art.

Bianca knows very well how to convey the song’s intensity through body sensuality and I’m glad she agreed to dance in the video. There was no other right person for this, mostly because all the hard times we shared made our relationship stronger and helped us become a strong couple, fueled by passion and love. ~ Jean

Music: Vlad Popescu, Jean Gavrila, Vasile Mihai Cosmin (Angus), Vlad Ciresan, Lucian Nagy, Serban Cazan

Text: Vlad Popescu, Jean Gavrila, Vlad Ciresan, Alexandra Crisan

Mix/Master: Lucian Nagy Fitting: Cezara Pop

Editors: Roton Music Publishing / HaHaHa Production

Cover photo: Screenshot from video

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