Dana Marin is a Romanian photographer born and raised in Bucharest. She describes herself as a dreamy person, with seven dogs and who never really remembers where she leaves her camera. Her journey in photography started about six years ago when her husband bought a camera for himself. She then, out of curiosity, signed up for a photography course and photographs since then. Dana remembers that she “started to earn money from photography five years ago. A very good friend of mine called me one day to join her studio for a small talk. She said that she was looking for a photographer and if I’m interested about the job. I accepted although I explained to her that I had no idea what to do, and she told me I will learn along the way. I was very confused at first, I had no style what so ever. You can say I was a total chaos. Eventually I realized that nude photography is what fulfills me the most. I find the human body fascinating in all its splendor. There are no lies, no curtain, no inhibitions. It’s all raw and love. I just don’t see myself doing anything else right now.

I am my favorite artist. I am imperfect and I love imperfectios. But I’m always looking for more and more.

Inspired by the unknown, her style is yet constant, with powerful contrast and in black and white. She admires photographers as Bogdan Botofei, Cristian Crisbasan and Bogdan Bousca.

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All copyrights: Dana Marin

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