Photographer and artist FLAVIU Tănase doesn’t just photograph his subjects; he helps them convert their innermost confidence into outer beauty. The Romanian artist first started to photograph in 2009, seeing it as the natural transition from drawing. He used to love photographing still life and then continued to nude-portrait photography. Now Flaviu uses a Canon 6D and 6D Mark II with Sigma 85mm and 35mm. He told us he ‘never considered the camera or its accessories make you better, but it helps you fulfill your vision. Instead, you can never buy the skills, but you get them after hours and days of work.‘ With minimal stage design, the photographer creates dreamy and lucid images and once again proves that the small details tell the story.

I love black and white photography, no question about it. You tell more with less.

Flaviu told CVLTARTES that he follows the works of Robert Mapplethorpe, Ion Zupcu, William Klein, Peter Lindbergh, Bonnie Hansen, Rankin, Rene Burri, and Jan Saudek.

Each image it’s associated with a lyric or a song.

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Model: ANA To

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