Based in Oslo, Norway, Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge is a post-rock collective whose sound can be placed alongside artists like Mono, This Will Destroy You, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Mogwai.

Piercing guitars and haunting synths are the voices of YDNWR, floating on a sea of thundering bass and drums, essential in the creation of instrumental love letters to arctic ecosystems. Not only for the music itself, but as an expression of our world view: Humanity and nature are unbalanced. In order to change this, we must take a step back and make better use of the resources available, rather than continuing the raging consumerism that is destroying the planet right before our eyes.

“Blitz sessions” was recorded by Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge and Bjørn Larsen at Blitzhuset in Oslo, mixed by Karl Løftingsmo Pedersen and mastered by Joakim Storeide in Oslo and will self-released on August 21st.

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