Ellis Marell is an Austrian, Berlin-based portrait and nude photographer. I ran into his work just yesterday, while making my everyday routine on Flickr whilst looking for more inspirational artists to write about. So there I was, mostly attracted by the intimate situations his models pose. His work speaks for itself; it’s provocative, raw and pretty darn sexy.

​It was mainly the need to capture and keep memories that made me decide to do photography.

Ellis’s photographs have that vintage, sensual look and combined with those warm, soft tones it perfectly creates a dreamy, kinda sweet scenery. Featured in The ARTBO, MCC, C-Heads Magazine or B-AUTHENTIQUE, he is constantly looking for new people to photograph in order to create new stories.

Find his work on:




All images: (c) Ellis Marell

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Still can't tell exactly my origins because of my suspiciously ‘Chinese eyes’.