Alexandra Butuceanu is a Bucharest-based photographer and conceptual artist whose artworks gravitate between ideas like subconsciousness and feelings.

Her main cluster of thoughts – poetically called Dust (as in the biblical dust to dust or the esoterical fata morgana), is what other people would consider project. Alexandra thinks that “portal” is a more suitable word for it.

“There are no explanations to anything you’ll see here”, she explains. “[My photographs] are projections of your own thoughts, memories, feelings and subconsciousness from the day you were born to the day you will return to dust.”

Playing with both black & white and color photography, Alexandra Butuceanu focuses on exclusively portraying the beauty of female characters. The femme-fatale meets the lost innocence. Red-light, boudoir backgrounds smoothly contrast with the openness of wide, cloudy landscapes or urban streets. Her pictures are sensual, but reticent, bold, but reserved. She might even think that lust doesn’t have to be obvious to send the right message.

The photographer uses a clean, promising technique that not only ends up in delivering satisfying results, but manages to also simulate triviality without actually… showing anything! Dust in the eyes, right?

Alexandra told Cultartes: “I hope that by watching the images you will feel the mood and that your past experiences and memories will come to the surface as swiping through them”.

All photos: Alexandra Butuceanu

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This article was originally published in Cultartes Magazine #4 – “Dreams and Nightmares”. Get your copy in print here.

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