Get used to hearing Astro Générale‘s name in every conversation about what’s hot in indie music this year. The Romanian band was formed in the summer of 2018, when a series of coincidences determined Alex (guitar, synth) and Florin (drums) to discover Vlad‘s (voice, guitar) obscure SoundCloud profile, where he posted some of his songs. So far, the boys have been working on ‘staging’ Vlad’s main compositions, but also choosing the band’s name, after one night revelation spent in a bar in Paris.

Starting today, June 5th, the band releases a new music video called ‘Night Fever‘, and from start to finish, Astro Générale uses synth-pop elements and sound influences of the 80s to complement emotional lyrics about different aspects of the band’s wild life. As seen in the video, they are captured in various dreamlike situations induced by experiencing a mysterious drink that represents ‘ the night fever’. Astro Générale‘s ‘Night Fever‘ video used grainy images in places and it’s pretty thrilling that music videos can get that dirty, exciting effect again.

Vlad said that ‘it all started with the idea of loneliness and isolation we sometimes feel after many nights lost in the city, where socializing seems more like a placebo. For the moment, it satisfies your desperate need to take a break from being, from doing something else or becoming someone else. In the end, you realize that the whole experience is nothing than unmaterialized expectations .’

The themes of the song create a narrative-driven, partially autobiographical record and as ‘Night Fever‘ progresses, the overall tone of the music becomes less gloomy, being replaced with club-ready dance vibes. ‘Night Fever’ flourishes mainly because Astro Générale manages to blend both the beauty and the madness of their psyche, and incredibly, the song sounds like the type of music you dream of hearing at an unbearably cool party, meticulously unique and entertaining from second to second. Astro Générale explores sonic horizons starting from retro-futuristic and psychedelic influences of the ’60s and the disco vibe of the ’70s. Adding elements of post-punk revival and indie, the band manages to create a specific sound that brings together the different personalities of each member of the band. Therefore, the band finds a perfect blend of two genres and makes their most captivating and experimental music yet.

Recorded and produced at Cirkular studio from Cluj-Napoca, this marks the beginning of a great collaboration between the band and the record label.

Filmed and recorded by Oscar Ungvari

Lightning director: Dan Pereț

Filmed at Exitgames Timișoara

Astro Générale is: Vlad Zvorișteanu, Alex Stîngu, Mark Cuibuș, Florin Sărătoc

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