Aurora by Noon is an Austrian alternative rock band whose debut album, “Black Crosses in the Sun,” contains the powerful track ‘In The Shelter of Mother Earth.’ In addition to showcasing their classic rock sound, this song offers a profound message that is centered on social and environmental issues. Their release takes listeners on an epic journey filled with impressive storytelling and soaring melodies.

The band consists of Christian Keller on vocals, Claus Schossleitner and Max Nevez on guitars and backing vocals, Martin Leuchtenmüller on drums, and Markus Sumereder on bass and backing vocals. The narrative elements make the track feel like a rock ballad, immersing listeners in a world of drama.

In addition to the songwriting, Aurora by Noon’s vocalist’s powerful and emotive vocals are at the heart of this track’s success. ‘In The Shelter of Mother Earth,’ showcases incredible vocal range and passion. Christian Keller’s delivery consistently adds depth and emotion to the lyrics, making them feel more like character monologues than typical rock songs.

Reminiscent of Meat Loaf’s early era, a great part of the appeal is the instrumental part. The guitar riffs are skillful in their ability to allow one to reflect. The arrangements seem theatrical, featuring elements of alternative rock, progressive, and even a touch of pop music influence. Add to that the use of powerful drums and killer guitar work, and you get an incredibly rich sonic landscape that beautifully complements the track’s narrative.

In The Shelter of Mother Earth’ is an incredible reflection on environmental issues, emphasizing the importance of preserving our planet for future generations. Besides that, it’s one of the band’s greatest tunes and with its introspective lyrics, it’s both memorable and relatable.

As the track progresses, it turns into a rock-infused anthem driven by a sense of urgency, capturing the idea that life is fleeting and we should do something to make it count. For example, lines such as “We felt guilty about the abomination of the human race” highlight the urgent need for change and environmental protection.

The powerful lead and backing vocals combined with the insightful songwriting and grand arrangements make this an intriguing musical experience that will continue to captivate music lovers for a long time to come.

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