Bristol-based singer, producer, and visual artist Tlya X An recently released her new single ‘Mi Mind Unknown.’ Her self-release celebrates resilience and self-discovery in the face of disappointment. It was inspired by a romantic counter that, though fleeting, did not result in regret.

The single is accompanied by a music video directed and edited by Tlya X An herself, which, she says, merges a nostalgic Y2K aesthetic with a modern DIY approach. Using her inventive sound and candid lyrics, she’s become a rising tour de force in the music industry, receiving features in elite media outlets, including BBC Radio 1 and 6 Music. BBC Bristol’s Harriet Robinson described her as having “totally her sound and style” and selected her as one of the best of 2023. Better yet, she also has supported Bristol’s dancehall punk Grove, Japanese songwriter Haru Nemuri, and glitch princess yeule.

With regards to electronic music, this single offers the closest thing to a VR game experience this year – an immersive sonic fiction presented as a sci-fi thriller to be absorbed in one breath. The euphoric track combines iconic synth, hyperpop, and EDM elements to produce a sound that allows Tlya X An to make her mark in the industry.

With ‘Mi Mind Unknown,’ Tlya X An does not hesitate, as the song bursts forth on wickedly fluctuating synths riding a monstrous rhythm. With its dark, drifting tones and alluring vocals, ‘Mi Mind Unknown’ envelops listeners in a syncopated rhythm infused with moody surfaces and shimmering auras that create an aching ambiance that is simultaneously inviting and risky. It’s a raw, feisty song full of emphatic self-assurance. The lyrics are both playful and serious, capturing the complexities of emotions that come with self-discovery and self-expression. The song’s energy is infectious, inspiring listeners to dance and sing along.

Pretty much an instant hit, ‘Mi Mind Unknown‘ is made of irresistible magic – a pulsating rhythm, vibrant vocals, and quixotic flavors. It is faintly melancholic and oh-so luxurious, like a phantom hovering over the quick, her sublime vocals casting a spell over the listener.

Whether you are a newbie to alt-pop and EDM music or a true veteran, this track will offer support to each of you, igniting your emotions. With its rawness and power – and retrofuturism components – the song exudes an attitude you might wish was more prevalent in alt-pop music.

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