Romanian artist Denisa Hruska is inspired by both nature and the human body, which she perceives to be not only beautiful but also mysterious. In her fascination with the connection between our physical and mental state, she started to create amazing collages. Her work combines body parts with mind-bending images or some wild creatures.

She told CVLTARTES: ‘I’m a digital creator that plays with themes of psychedelia, nature and the human body, trying to create a synesthetic ambient. I am a psychology student, thus I find really fascinating how the unconscious becomes conscious through art. All the ingredients that make up my collaged pieces, from disjointed faces, protruding limbs, landscapes to celestial organs, are raw and made out of feelings. The world that I create through art does not exist and does not belong to me, because it rewrites its story every time someone looks at it. That’s why the poet writes, the photographer takes pictures, the actor plays, to give life and provoke the perception of all his identities by intertwining and making them make love to each other through every viewer’s eyes.’

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Still can't tell exactly my origins because of my suspiciously ‘Chinese eyes’.