Ada Morar is a singer and songwriter from Romania who recently released ‘DOI NIT,’ an EP that gently leads us through emotional ebbs and flows from start to finish. ‘DOI NIT‘ is a collection of 5 deep, meaningful songs, structured and inspired by the depth of the traditional song ”Doina”. Through its melody and lyrics, doina reveals strong feelings of joy, grief, and longing, making it a powerful form of expression.

The EP feels homely and pastoral all at once. Every track represents a brilliantly realized performance, with every composition representing something more than a vignette but still compact enough to ensure it never overstays its welcome. Ada’s warm and beautiful vocals allow for a listening experience where the sound can wash over you, simultaneously occupying a sense of still pensiveness and fluid movement. In fact, all five tracks feel like a luminous solitude, capable of offering you tranquility or a much-needed mental reset.

Thoughtfully arranged and bonded in a marvelous aesthetic by Vlad Braga, ‘DOI NIT‘ is a journey unto itself and quite a moving and remarkable one. Those who have heard Ada Morar singing before will find the EP deeply rewarding, while new listeners (me included) will undoubtedly find themselves motivated to reach back into her catalog for more.

“Intro” opens the EP in an enchanting manner, presenting the 3 instruments that will accompany the listener throughout the whole EP: piano, voice, and kaval.

“Bade” is a doina written during a Kaval workshop on the hills of Bihor county. It is structured as a powerful dialogue, almost like a shouting and an answer between two souls who long for each other.

“Bătrânească” is a strong and spiritual doina expressing the toughness of getting older, revealing the feeling of grief and longing. I found the lyrics in an old book from Oltenia and I created the melodic line.

“Muma” sums up the entire musical journey and motto which stands at the core energy of Ada Morar’s music: “cu cît cînt, atîta sînt” (the more I sing, the more I am)

“Outro” represents the other half of the Intro, closing the EP as it began: an ethereal combination of piano, voice, and kaval.

Ada Morar on her EP

Mix & Master – Bogdan Ghirau
Creative Director – Vlad Braga
Creative Shelter – Pictorul Ioan
DoP & Edit & Color – Raul Stan
Photo on set – Alina Grigorescu
Dress – Naomi Todor
Lettering – Teo Chiribau

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