Alina Noir, Romanian author and photographer currently based in Montreal, Canada, just released a new photo-series of unexpected scenaries featuring nude people in the comfort of their homes.

The pictures were taken last year while she was in France, and together they compile an assembly of 25 unique, libertine and yet familiar situations.

The self-called writer of little sad love stories explains the project’s idea: “Interiors is a series of 25 photographs of staged scenes set in domestic interiors taken in 2017 in Lyon. These tableaux of figures project an air of tension and mystery, as the performers’ cryptic activities, oscillating between the burlesque and the sublime, remain impenetrable to the viewer”.

Having a title which makes you instantly think about home decor, is most likely a metaphor for the less known side of people’s inner feelings and desires, so don’t fall for that trick!

See the full series here.

All Photo Credits: Alina Noir

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