That spark, vibrant energy, and rambunctious exuberance that runs through a person when they are young and just going for it fuels Glass Bandit on their fantastic latest single, ‘Ghost.’ Released just in time to spook things around on Halloween, with ‘Ghost,’ the 8-piece group looks to funk-filled musical influences of the ’80s.

Lyrically, the track provides a great dichotomy to the soundscape, mourning a love that is slipping away. The band’s press release mentions, “Everyone knows love changes, but nothing can prepare you for the feeling when your love sticks around as someone else’s love for you fades away.” While Glass Bandit is hard-charging funk coming from Austin, TX, musically, they are all over the map. Funk. Beatle-esque pop. American Jazz. Canterbury fusion. Vintage prog. It’s all here while delivering constant, toothsome surprises around every turn. ‘Ghost‘ is an instrumental tour-de-force coming in beautifully in a catchy melody that won’t soon leave your head.

A wide-ranging song like this could quickly become a muddle of bad transitions or flashy chops. But Glass Bandit makes things seem easy, as every distinct passage leads cleanly and clearly to the next section. Along the way, every player delivers a stunning performance – on bass, drums, guitar, percussion, trumpet, saxophone, and keyboards – to hold the song beautifully. The result is a masterpiece of virtuosic and smithing performance.

Glass Bandit is the band that’ll make you reflect and reconsider. Moreover, the band has been described as being able to deliver an energetic performance which makes each show unique effortlessly.
When it comes to music, there’s really no particular recipe for success. But between the band’s visceral performance, evocative poetry, and raw passion, ‘Ghost‘ hits all the marks for sonic seduction, keeping us yearning for more. The song ensures to fan our inner flames in a more connected, understanding, and funk wonder, and we’re eager to hear the band’s upcoming songs.

Ghost‘ features music and lyrics by Glass Bandit, production, engineering, mixing, and mastering by Josh Hugo, Murphy Smith on bass, Donovan Miller on drums, Ben Schenberg on guitar, Josh Hugo on lead guitar, Owen Heffernan on keyboards, Ryan Smith on percussion, Ally Fabes on saxophone, and David Thal on trumpet. In addition to releasing their latest single, ‘Ghost‘, the band has been captivating audiences throughout the midwest and across the country, crafting an unforgettable live show in preparation for the release of their first full-length album.

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