Twin pop duo L Y S has released their latest single, ‘Step by Step.’ L Y S are Lorène and Marine, twin sisters from France, who moved to Los Angeles at 21 to study music at UCLA Extension and follow their dreams. The duo immediately started working on music and released autumn motivation, an excellent song for building confidence, overcoming a setback, and getting back on your feet.

According to L Y S, the song is “a motivational song for all the big dreamers who are working hard and don’t give up despite the hard times they’re going through. It made us feel better to write this song, and we hope that whoever listens to it will feel better, too, when they hear it!” With this track, L Y S shows an incredible talent for creating upbeat, catchy radio hits, and their sound includes their own unique brand of authentic vocals combined with euphoric tunes.

L Y S‘s style is fiercely captivating and vibrant, feeling like a smooth-sailing journey of all the proper cadences. ‘Step by Step‘ has a strong kicking rhythm, and the sisters’ confidence certainly shines through the motivational lyrics announcing that ‘step by step/I’m going up.’ Through the electrified production and EDM-like songwriting, there’s almost a detectable pulse to their song.

Then there is their upcoming song, a track that allows you to take a step back and analyze. There are some EDM and ambient nuances all over, appropriately placing the track as the perfect opportunity to take the deepest breaths and exist. From the electro-pop-driven track ‘Step by Step‘ to the somewhat soft essence of the new track, the twin pop duo L Y S has showcased versatility in self-expression and storytelling through their personal songwriting.

Written by L Y S and produced by Daniel Escobar, both tracks channel ’00s pop songcraft with 21st-century twists, while the electronic enhancements certainly bring everything up a notch. Promising more music to come, we will hopefully enjoy L Y S‘s creative outpouring as they continue to show how gifted they are.

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