Manuel Cojocaru, a Romanian author and philosopher has found a new way to express his ideas and disquietudes – stop motion short-films. His first experiment in this area was quite a success. Idol, his first stop-motion video tells a metaphorical story about “absurd, primitive and archetypal realm”.

In the meantime, his newest project ‘Wild Boars‘ is a more abstract take on loneliness and desperation. Manuel Cojocaru‘s short-films are experimental, thriving, haunting, inspirational, and modern. Working with the dark, disturbing, and psychological, his exploration of the gloomiest areas of the human psyches owes itself to the way both Ingmar Bergman and Andrei Tarkovsky examined personality and fragility.

‘I started filming on May 7h, by accident. The first frame was the timelapse in the window, the one with the flowers. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do – whether it was color or black and white, whether to film for 40 minutes or 5 – I had no story in mind.

I didn’t intend to show my face either, this thought terrified me the most, but due to the lack of volunteers, I had to be an actor as well. So I filmed myself, I walked by the sea or in the mountains.’

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