The KAMALA band closed its eyes and opened them again two years later. Broke as fuck, but still with ease and desire. Slightly coughing, not quite awake yet, but on the way. The new album is coming soon. Really. Specifically, KAMALA releases the new album titled “Limbo666” on December 9, 2022, through Tonzonen Records.

KAMALA is a band consisting of five friends, connected by music and love. But if truth be told, they do it for the fun. Psych-rock, sometimes softer, sometimes harder, sometimes playful, sometimes simple. “Limbo666” is a bit darker and more gripping than the previously released album “Your Sugar” (2019).

The album starts straightforwardly with the title track ‘Limbo’. It’s about the growing monotony down to the abyss every day. No sleep. Driven. The new synth added to the sound helped the band to break out of old patterns and into new ones. Another gem on “Limbo666” is ‘Cut The Wire’, with a wavy sound, forward striving, gritty. The combat starts on a sofa and the wire has a spark that tickles you. It plants joy in your heart and turns it into pain. At the end still with a classic rock edge. Eric and Theo are responsible.

Overall, everything is a bit straighter now, you can rely more on kick and snare, but not too much either. So has KAMALA become less experimental? Become more grown up? No and no. On ‘Narcissus’, the heaviness of vanity and dissatisfaction with which Narcissus contemplates himself in the lake is compressed into a tear that drips onto his own image and makes the unconscious mountains in the distance tremble.

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