Romanian photographer Mihaela Andreea Andrei has shared her latest work with Cultartes: “Summer Polaroids“. Mihaela Andreea is known to create hazy, dream-like portraits that demonstrate the extent to which instant film can be pushed to look like an alternate world. While she doesn’t work exclusively with Polaroids, the simple, evocative shots in this UK-based photographer’s Instants series will take your breath away.

My soul is in Romania , my heart is in NYC and my body is trapped in Uk . You do the math. ~ Mihaela Andreea

Model: Codruta Corocea – Instagram

MUA: Anteea Tocai – Instagram

Dress by Atelier Isabelle Vijiiac – Instagram

Studio: Cuib Studio, Bucuresti – Instagram

Photo: Andreea Andrei – Instagram

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Still can't tell exactly my origins because of my suspiciously ‘Chinese eyes’.