After the release of ‘Coming of Agency’, Sofia Zadar has now surprised us with an even greater song, ‘Queen of Cups’. The faded vocals and gliding instrumentals make for this dream-pop story to carry you between the states of nostalgia and calmness.

It seems like there is no other Romanian band that captures the essence of dreams better than Sofia Zadar. Sure, there are still a few to mention: DOOMPOP, Kings are Overrated, Faunlet, The Killing Moon, or Black Water. The bleeding elements of indie pop, new-wave, sweeping harmonies, and the modern, yet retro vibes establish a refreshing atmosphere and conjure up a dreamy, melancholic haze.  

As told by Sofia, ‘Queen of Cups’ explores the relationship between trauma and care. The song presents the story of the main character, the Queen of Cups, and invites us to discover the subconscious and the feeling self, towards the embodiment of a liminal space between the outer and the inner world. Written in March 2020 by Sofia Zadar.

She states: “I was thinking how, in a deeply patriarchal society, our deepest and most complex interior spaces remain repressed and unexplored. The stake of this song was simple: to showcase a maximum of openness and vulnerability and to explore where it takes me emotionally. From trauma to care, or to depression to solidarity. All I wanted was for a song that would hold you in its arms. Nothing complex, but gentle with a touch of empathy. I value that much more than all the cynical rationality in the world.”

With that being said, whenever I hear Sofia’s hypnotic vocals, I feel like I’m being carried away to an alternate universe. Whilst on occasion it’s livelier and more visceral than most of the dream-pop songs, ‘Queen of Cups’ also has moments that feel both intense and reflective in their deeply atmospheric and dreamy explorations.

Written by Sofia Zadar
Produced by Andrei Bobiș & Sofia Zadar @ Cirkular
Mixing and Mastering: Andrei Bobiș, Cirkular
Additional Vocals: Teodora Retegan
DoP: Ștefan Aghițoaie
Editing: Ligia Prodan
Concept & Styling: Sofia Zadar
Production Assistant: Alex Buneață

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