It’s hard to deny that many of the listenership is right: this isn’t black metal anymore but I don’t see it as a major problem. Actually I think this is for the best for Oranssi Pazuzu. Because music evolves and there are a lot of other genres which need to be explored. Strong elements of doom metal, seventies psychedelic music and heavy progressive metal are combined with a black metal approach in a manner that is coherent and very effective.

Mestarin Kynsi‘, their newest release take us on a cosmic journey that really does need to be heard to be believed. One of the most experimental sound with a drop of psychedelic. The group continues with their own style of acting purely instrumentally over long stretches, but here and there is very specific for their circumstances when it comes to melodies. ‘Mestarin Kynsi‘ is the legitimate successor of ‘Värähtelijä‘, but a contrast to the first three records. Different in a very good way actually, slowly but surely Oranssi Pazuzu is becoming one of my favourite bands.

Ilmestys‘ the 1st song of the album is a slow, yet effective burn, building up on waves of synths that fill the listener with dark energy before the sound goes into trance-inducing black metal. Hallucinogenic effects, synthesizer drones, various noises and sudden deceleration make us doubt our living will. 

Of course the highlight of the album is Ussi Teknokratia, by far the best with those dissonant layered vocals around the middle adding an extra vibe of spookiness. Are you expecting a UFO to come and get you? Maybe it’s just around the corner. Expect the awesomeness and you won’t be disappointed!

Oikeamielisten Sali‘- the base of the song is the effectiveness of black metal yet the music continues to evolve around it. The vocals grab you in a dark reality while the music spins out into otherworldly rhythms. Don’t miss the goosebumps moments during the increase and the outro of ‘Kuulen Ääniä Maan Alta‘. Each and every song are somehow made to drive you crazy in a deeper kind of world, maybe in another dimension.

As a reviewer, you can only ask these questions, but not answer them. ‘Mestarin Kynsi‘ is an album that you have to get involved with, a crushing sound like an abyss which invites you to jump in, more like an adventure where you don’t know how it will end. But I can assure you the whole experience worth it. No doubt that I will give a 10/10 to this masterpiece I am not tired to listen to on repeat.

The band has a visceral and conceptual approach, but still, it comes from the heart, and what we’re listening to is purely original. I hope I am going to see them live one day to live an utter experience, nevertheless Oranssi Pazuzu is one of the most interesting bands in modern black metal. 

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Miruna Vitriol

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