NO GOD ONLY TEETH is a post-metal/sludge quintet from Hamburg, Germany, and “Placenta” is their full-length debut album on Vinyl and CD, released via Narshardaa Records in December 1.

With their roots in different types of extreme and emotional music, they combine all their sounds to compose their distinctive voice. Between heavy guitar riffs, some gentle sounds accompany their quick-tempered melodies. Reflection of loss in uneasy and unsettling songs.

What would you expect from a band that consists of people who actually all come from different corners, from the same punk or metal scene? Cooperation, or working against each other, or perhaps in the best case a few conflicts of interest that lead to exciting results. Here you have the luck to get the latter.

The path that the band has already hinted at with the first demo only gets stronger with the new album. Quite angry and desperate sound the female vocals, reminiscent of the good old Japanese emo scene. The German-language lyrics emphasize this very well. Around the vocals revolve the two guitars, bass and drums in a pseudo-ritual-like dance. Sometimes fast, almost crossing over into the dirty more modern crust. But then suddenly, following the best post-rock motifs, it unfolds into something heartbreakingly beautiful and dramatic. And yet the mix remains balanced in the sludgy middle, reminiscent of the Neurosis “Times of Grace” album in terms of variety and atmosphere. 

“Placenta” is a moving album that you listen to again and again, pre-order it here!

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