The Melancholic Maniac is back! Blutengel leader Chris Pohl is once again taking us on a melodic trip into his musical poetry album: 80s romanticism with playful synths and irresistible wave appeal. An atmospheric journey through ‘Space and Time’ by and with She Hates Emotions.

Chris comments about the first single, “‘Space & Time’ was the first song I wrote for the new SHE album. It’s about the incessant search for your soulmate… The person you want by your side. You know that this person exists, but you haven’t found him or her yet and you’ll keep searching…”

“On the album “Happy Pop Music”, I continue to combine 80s sounds with melancholic lyrics. Not as bombastic as BLUTENGEL, rather very minimal. The lyrics are, as always, very personal. It’s about love, pain, fear, becoming older, depression… Everything that has occupied me in recent years. Therefore, the album title is also meant to be absolutely ironic!”, continues Chris, who thus provides a connecting element to his devoted Blutengel fans.

The Eighties – a decade of musical freedom, the heyday of New Wave and Dark Wave, pioneering years of the movement that spawned the dark music scene. These were the times that shaped the artistic path of Chris Pohl (Blutengel). With She Hates Emotions, he pays tribute to those influences with his music. The new SHE album will be released in 2022 via Out Of Line Music.

The debut album “Melancholic Maniac” is available HERE.

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Photo: (c) Caitlin Stokes