Alira Mun returns with another masterfully crafted release, this time in the form of her deep electronic single ‘Eclipsa,’ wherein massive synths run roughshod through a frenetic arrangement.

The Romanian artist appeals to emotive yet dancefloor-friendly vibes, opening with a cathartic, robotic sound slowly being accompanied by soulful vocals belting our heartfelt lyrics. 

Alira Mun has always written with startling candor on identity and feelings, topics taken to greater heights with every new single. She is feeling more comfortable each day diving into electronic dance music. 

At its crescendo, ‘Eclipsa‘ is sure to give you goosebumps while making you want to hit the dancefloor. Whether you are a newbie to electronic music or a true veteran, Alira Mun‘s newest track will offer support to each of you, igniting your emotions. 

Without a doubt, Alira Mun is one of the leading imprints for innovative electronic music in Romania and worldwide. Boosting heavy-hitters, serrating synths, and stabbing basslines, ‘Eclipsa‘ is complemented with a diverse range of sounds and influences. Alira’s soaring yet dreamy vocals balance the rhythmic sonic experiences that truly live up to its name. 

Since breaking onto the electronic scene in 2017 and collaborating with Thy Veils, the artist has brought a fresh look to the electronic dance music, making major moves with each release and telling deeply personal stories of finding self and purpose. ‘Eclipsa’ seems to serve as a contrast between the light and dark elements of Alira’s life, embodying her recent experiences and how she explored the city she lives, the roofs, and underground spaces.  

Alira Mun‘s newest track also comes with a sparkling music video she also produced and video directed. She is using electronics and voice to transmit intel from other universal dimensions. Despite her high-energy drop, Alira still employs a melancholic vibe transforming ‘Eclipsa‘ into an electro nostalgia machine. Awe-inducing in its power and chaos – with retrofuturism parts- the song has an attitude you might wish was more common in electronic music. 

You can order ‘Eclipsa’ following this link.

Video Director: Alira Mun
Music & Lyrics: Alira Mun
Mix & Master: Attila Lukinich
Camera: Maria Blaga
Lights & Assistant Production: Clara Mnere
Photos: (c) Maria Blaga

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