We are excited to present the premiere of “Offender” by heffy, featuring DeathByRomy. Combining post-punk & electronic elements in the production allows the duo to talk about the current social climate and their distaste for the world around us. heffy shares, “there was a natural dance of chemistry where I came from an aggressive angry perspective and Romy came from a vulnerable wounded perspective.” The track arrives ahead of an EP in October & shows w/ Lil Dusty G and Saiah.

For some time heffy has remained an underrated pioneer, constantly exploring new areas of sound and bridging it with iconic elements of the alternative world. Through his work, heffy unapologetically pushes the envelope forward with refreshing nuance while still vibrating within realms of nostalgic familiarity. In doing so, heffy has carved out a one-of-a-kind retro-futuristic identity while drawing clear connections to his influences.

Originating from a small Chicago suburb of Wheeling, Illinois, heffy found a love for music at a very young age. As a means of finding solace from his troubled youth, he saw his art as more than an entertainment medium, but rather a channel of turning trauma and despair into cathartic masterpieces. When you listen to a song by heffy, you get great music at face value, but what his fans appreciate most is the ability to form a deep emotional tether to the melancholic subject matter within his work. Where heffy shines most is in his ability to carry a vastly diverse discography, trekking to the finish line of sonic realms seldom traveled, breaking genre boundaries, and marking new territory in the process.

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