Marina Bubnic is a visual and make-up artist based in Serbia. Among her areas of expertise we identified fashion and conceptual photography.

Although she’s the finger that presses the button when the time comes, she’s mostly known for the make-up part, and she does it as any other artist does it when they really want something done – with passion.

Previously featured in zines such as Dark Beauty Magazine and Scorpio Jin Magazine, the awarded make up artist and photographer considers herself “versatile and always in a process of refinement”, withdrawing her inspiration from subjects like “high fashion, colors in the nature, subcultures” and people, as you will see in a moment.

Her latest photo-series was shot at the October Community, in Belgrade, Serbia. The project called Velvet Dreams is an ode brought to men’s feminism. At a first sight, any profane would believe it’s a project featuring drag-queens, when in fact, is a bit more than that.

Velvet Dreams illustrate the inner sensitivity the male gender holds really hidden. Featuring Serbian models Mish Mash and Velvet V the series is a sample of extravagance and boldness. While only the idea of men wearing make-up and dressing up as Barbie dolls sounds ridiculous, Maria Bubnic proves the contrary.

It’s something beautiful in seeing guys embracing their womanliness, proudly wearing a skirt or a cashmere. As Iggy Pop once said, “I’m not ashamed to dress like a woman, because I don’t think is shameful to be a woman”.

Agree or not, Marina Bubnic’s effort is a modest one, but carrying a strong message that can only be translated to “in your dream, you can be whoever you want to be”.

All photo credits: Marina Bubnic

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This article was originally published in Cultartes Magazine #4 – “Dreams and Nightmares”. Get your copy in print here.

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