Waterzoï is a project that makes part of the Barbarins Fourchus collective, based in Grenoble. After a film concert for the young audiences, ‘Animalia’, the Waterzoï seems to look at the many facets of Erik Satie, a unique personality in the world of music.

‘Satie’s faction’ is a wild species in the field of contemporary music. The universe of Erik Satie, a unique personality in the world of music, is the starting point of this EP. A whimsical composer, unclassifiable musician, author of thousands of enigmatic notes, emblematic figure of historic Montmartre. The character’s facets are multiple and fascinating.

Always poetic, a bit eccentric, and borrowed from a beautifully dynamic, Waterzoï, guided by Touma Guittet, plays and plays with Satie’s music. He infuses his poetry, his state of mind into contemporary compositions evolving between post-rock and electro. Like little delicacies scattered throughout the show, excerpts from plays are sampled, author’s texts become words.

The group paints a singular portrait of Satie and takes us into his fanciful universe, fragile and undisciplined at the same time. Between refrains and curiosities, the voices of the three singers hoarse or soaring touch us. Music, free and alternative, captivates us. Between a monument of classical music and contemporary music, the sweet madness of Waterzoï interferes for our greatest pleasure.

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