I haven’t moshed in probably three months (see Unity-TX @Rock la Mures), so it’s nice to remember what getting the shit kicked out of you to music feels like. To cut to the chase, Bucharest-based electronicore/screamo-djent band June Turns Black has released a new song and music video, ‘BRNDNC.’

The energy on this track makes for the perfect song to introduce people to the Romanian band. They take zero time in blasting into ‘BRNDNC‘ (Braindance)- the track is angry, is fast, is tech, and if you would have thought that maybe the band has calmed things down a bit after their remix releases, well, you’d be very wrong however.

For those growing up on a steady diet of screamo music, June Turns Black is a breath of fresh fucking air. Their braindance is a ferocious whirlwind, with every second feeling like an expression of pain, despair, and sometimes fear, all of them in the best possible way. In just less than three minutes, I feel the band has taken things to another level; it’s more brutal than everything they’ve done before, it’s got some slightly Motionless in White kind of vibes; it’s an absorbing song that features scream-them-from-the-mountaintops lyrics and some intriguing electronic flourishes before fading out gracefully.

All across the release, the production is incredible and tight, allowing each and every element to shine. So, check it out!

With this track, we’re presenting our Braindance, which is basically peering into the ways our brains refuse to address our issues and instead resort to rage or humor. There is a genuine need to connect and discuss our trauma, but many a time something stops us. Sometimes we don’t know how to take care of ourselves, sometimes we think that nobody will listen to us, because they have their own problems to deal with, and sometimes it’s just the fear of being judged or misunderstood.

This concept of deflection is present throughout the song’s arrangement as well as in the video. For example, whenever the lyrics get too real or the track starts to settle into a groove, something completely unexpected happens that derails everything.

June Turns Black on ‘BRNDNC’

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