Visual artist Irina Gache opens up and writes about her depression for Vice Romania [article here – RO only] in order to raise awareness, to help those going through it and those who don’t know about or understand it. I myself found the series one of good interest and it sure helped me see things differently. Depression is often accompanied by self-esteem, loss of interest in normally enjoyable activities, low energy and pain without a clear cause.

I decided to call it Deep-Pressure because one of the main causes of this affection lies in the huge pressure we put upon ourselves or others in order to reach some sort of perfection, ignoring the vulnerable aspects of our human being. Someone who is dealing with depression has been deep-pressured all his/her life, reaching a point when their mind, body and heart have reached the level of saturation. It is not a shame to be diagnosed with depression and it is certainly not a shame to ask for help and admitting how vulnerable we all are and how much we need patience and gentleness in order to heal. It is not a sin to need kindness and reach for the gentle. You must always remember that even if in your point of view one lives a “better” life than you, it doesn’t have anything to do with dealing with depression. What might mean little or much to you, might mean the world or nothing to someone else. (Source)

It’s time for us to stop hiding away from our vulnerabilities or exploiting them, for pressuring ourselves and others into superhuman efforts and be more patient and kind to ourselves and to others around us. That way we create the space for the healing and understanding to take place. Sometimes just the fact that someone is there listening and checking up on you without judgment and pressure is the highest form of help and love we can offer each-other. (Source)

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All copyrights: Irina Gache

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