Following their first collaboration several years ago for the Flare band, Ioan Popovici and Sandro Machado (The Voice of Romania) have collaborated again to produce a major acoustic live performance. A pair of deceivingly simple melodies hide layers of complex emotion, creating an atmosphere that catches you under its spell and you do not want to leave anytime soon.

The live performance has been divided into two special videos and, in addition to showcasing talent and passion, both artists were looking to push their limits and assert themselves in new compositional forms.

It is a personal interpretation of the music tracks ‘Voyager,’ a composition signed by Ioan Popovici, and ‘Sure Thing,’ a Miguel cover, that gives this album its more rockish, yet sensitive atmosphere.

There is a warmth in this artistic dialogue that emanates from two different creative personalities, in the lute of which musical genres evaporate more rapidly than a whisper shared in haste.

Ioan Popovici is a composer and instrumentalist from Timișoara who has been involved in several local alternative rock projects, including Effect, Flare, and later Flarehead. Since then, Ioan has laid the foundations of a new band whose main elements are his energy and personal inspiration.

From a stylistic point of view, Ioan Popovici combines pop-rock/ska influences from elsewhere with alternative rock elements that are somewhat characteristic of our region, and attempts, through the lyrical approach in particular, to propagate a positive message within the local music scene.

Sandro Machado is a vocalist with boundless talent, who has appeared on TV’s The Voice of Romania, broadcast on the popular channel Pro TV. Originally from Brazil, where blood boils at different temperatures, Sandro settled in Timisoara where he was part of several musical projects. It was here that he met Ioan Popovici, the singer of Flare, a local band that achieved significant success in the rock scene of the city of Bega.

About Sandro Machado, the famous artist Tudor Chirila, coach of The Voice of Romania, said “Surprises like you make our show go on.” Thus emphasizing Sandro’s talent and special vocal abilities. Even though he was a member of Irina Rimes‘ team at the famous competition, Smiley said, “I am impressed!” There are still voices that amaze us! It would be my pleasure to get to know you, and to see if I can help you, regardless of whether you are on my team.

A concert featuring Ioan Popovici and Melting Dice is scheduled for February 29 at a new event location in Timisoara, M2. The concert promises to be electrifying, as Sandro Machado will be joining Ioan Popovici to perform several songs, including ‘Voyager‘ and ‘Sure Thing.’

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