Harmasar, the first and solely folk metal band from the Republic of Moldova, has announced a new EP, “Păcatu‘” (the sin), which will be released today on CVLTARTES. With their EP, the five-piece band takes the traditions of Moldavian folk and revitalizes them for a modern-day setting. They told us they ‘tried to look over the mist of ages and learn more about the old village, full of curses and charms. To see the world of ancient man and its darkness, haunted by shadows, creatures, and foul breaths.”

Since 2013, when they started to occupy a top place in the local underground, Harmasar won the POT Music competition (2015) and released their debut album “Din Pământ” (2016). Then, in 2020, they released the single ‘XIII.’ Over the years, they co-headlined on scenes such as Celtic Transilvania, Rock’n’Iasi, and Folk & Metal Fest and performed alongside bands such as Rotting Christ, Vader, Jinjer, or Finsterforst.

Fast-forward to today, we are proud to be premiering “Păcatu’,” which will first be performed live on October 29 at Artcor in Chişinău. “Păcatu’” wears its beautiful heart on its rain-drenched, soil-stained sleeve while simultaneously being the most impressive piece of folk metal and black you have heard in years. The EP represents the ideal evolution of Harmasar‘s brand of folk metal, offering achingly gorgeous tracks and a nostalgic atmosphere wrapped in perfect production and songwriting. The experience of listening to the EP will completely swallow you.

Much of the talk around ‘Păcatu’” is centered on how fuckin’ beautiful and dynamic it is, yet its pretty face should not distract you from the rich instrumental texturing and growls. Beyond its sheer scope, the denseness of instrumental layering ensures endlessly rewarding listening. Interestingly, while overuse of traditional instruments can, in many cases, spoil folk metal, Harmasar‘s work is prevalent throughout while enhancing the EP at every turn.

The EP was produced by Harmasar, mixed and mastered by Adrian “Bilă” Urițescu (sound engineer of Dirty Shirt). Drums were recorded by Mircea Grosu at Polidisc Studio, Chişinău.

Harmasar is:
Max Miller: vocals, guitar
Ionel Cojocaru: guitars
Pavel Ungureanu: pan flute, whistle
Ștefan Gîlcă: bass
Evghenii Etairo: drums

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