On the heels of a busy year, Kadebostany is premiering ‘Lovelace,’ featuring Greek singer Vassilina. This new release it’s Kadebostany‘s final single of 2022, delivering a soul-touching and charming modern pop song that successfully bridges the gap between folk and electronic music. Make no mistake; this track heralds the arrival of a very significant talent.

Of ‘Lovelace,’ producer/composer Guillaume de Kadebostany tells us, “this song was thought as the meeting between ‘Jolene’ of Dolly Parton and ‘Can’t get you out of my head’ of Kylie Minogue.” The song’s production allows Vassilina‘s wise, sweet voice to stand out over the singular and catchy sound signature of Kadebostany.

On the creative process, the artist reckons, “I listen to everything, and the themes of my writing come from life situations that I can observe in myself or others. During the creative process, I try to remain as “pure” as possible in my intentions: to make the best music possible. On the other hand, the writing process is quite empirical; I collaborate with different people, work a lot, and wait for the magic to happen.”

Asked to write about a missing person, a eulogy, the avant-pop singer Vassilina shows that although our past is sometimes a source of sadness, it can also provide comfort. It is no surprise that Vassilina wrote the lyrics for ‘Lovelace,’ as it brings to mind folk melodies that look to the past and future. This is an immaculate song, and you sense the duo has reached deep inside to pull it out.

This mixture of thoughtful, heartfelt lyrics sung with genuine passion and electronic arrangements that reflect the beautiful products make ‘Lovelace’ an extremely interesting listen. As expected, Kadebostany delivers sublime music, never failing to connect with their listener emotionally yet at a forceful level. The artist says when fans listen, he hopes “they have a feeling of novelty and at the same time feel nostalgia.”

The main thing that elevates the song, though, is the whole package generally determines whether it engages the listener or not, and this is the whole package. Pretty much everything captivates and only goes on getting deeper and richer with successive listens. Interestingly, quality seeps through every moment, and quickly this song becomes like many songs of old, a friend to see you through good and bad times.

This single marks the end of a series of successful singles launched since 2020 (‘Baby I’m Ok’ from “DRAMA – Act 1”, ‘Take Me To The Moon,’ ‘Wild in Secret,’ ‘Two Lovebirds in a Cage’ and ‘Another Sunrise’), and will be followed by Kadebostany‘s long-awaited 4th album to be released in early 2023. But for now, enjoy the premiere of ‘Lovelace’ exclusively on CVLTARTES.

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