Republic of Moldova’s first and solely folk metal band, HARMASAR, has released a new EP “Păcatu’.” With their highly awaited record, the band hopes to take the Moldavian folk traditions and revitalize them for a modern-day setting. This EP follows their album “Din Pământ” (2016) and single “XIII” (2020).

The record title “Păcatu’” translates to “the sin,” which aptly implies what the unapologetic and vigorous record is all about. In a statement, HARMASAR said they “tried to look over the mist of ages and learn more about the old village, full of curses and charms. To see the world of ancient man and its darkness, haunted by shadows and creatures.”

“Păcatu’” is a concept record sharing a pagan atmosphere, meaty riffs, and folky melodies. Traditional folk instruments (pan flute and flute) battle alongside furious trem-picked guitars, and a thunderous vibe soaks through every fiber into your very skin. Wasting little time with idle instrumentation, HARMASAR  storms the gate with haste, bringing the most impressive piece of folk metal you have heard in years. For a remarkably tight and memorable 14 minutes, the experience of listening to the EP will completely swallow you.

Possessed with growls but measured by method, the Chisinau-based band’s EP consists of three tracks arranged with the utmost care. While the record is still full of the trademark Moldavian folk sections, there are also a lot of other musical influences. A full spectrum of metal is covered, bringing the trilogy to a close on a real high and hinting at even greater things to come in the future.

Over the years, the five-piece band has co-headlined on scenes such as Folk & Metal Fest, Celtic Transilvania, and Rock’n’Iasi, and performed alongside bands such as Vader, Rotting Christ, 1914, Jinger, or Finsterforst.

HARMASAR will perform “Păcatu’” live on October 29 at Artcore. The EP was produced by HARMASAR, mixed and mastered by Adrian “Bilă” Urițescu (Dirty Shirt). Drums were recorded by Mircea Grosu at Polidisc Studio, Chisinau.

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