Postcoïtum is the project of Damien Ravnich and Bertrand Wolff, built around the marriage of instrumental and electronic music and using hybrid influences around IDM textures, indie rock rhythms, and industrial sounds.

The duo traps us with a set of sound curiosities before swallowing us up by the hypnotic force of a melodic-rhythmic narrative system. The suggested universe then gives way to the possible by taking us towards the transcendental, the tragic, the incongruous, with a vast and eclectic soundscape.

Gathered in a baroque setting, beyond gesture and digital harshness, Postcoïtum draws its influences from both electronic and instrumental music – whether indie-rock beats, new-wave keyboards, or IDM textures: a hybrid universe is created, with febrile electricity. Through a wide and eclectic landscape, Postcoïtum leads towards the transcendental, the tragic, and sometimes the incongruous. You are trapped in odd tones before being swallowed by the hypnotic strength of a melodic-rhythmic narrative vortex.

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