Balance Breach has taken the advantage of these exceptional times and released a new lyric video for the song ‘Show You the Sun’ taken off of their debut album “Dead End Diaries” that stepped into the light in 2020.

With their debut album “Dead End Diaries”, the five newcomers from Finland totally let off steam in Metalcore and merrily combines the most diverse influences to an outstanding result. Even back in 2019 when the boys won the band contest of the Tuska Open Air in Helsinki, one could only guess what a huge debut would roll onto the scene about a year later.

The song ‘Show You the Sun’ represents the gloomy and atmospheric side of the album. It’s also so far one of the darkest songs from Balance Breach, “music- and lyric-wise, we wanted to bring something from our debut album back to the spotlight after a while from the album release and we felt that the message in “SYtS” is quite topical to the times we’re living. Let’s take care of each other and try to see the sun ahead!” 

Quiet passages with clear guitars and energetic choruses that immediately stay in the listeners’ head alternate at breakneck speed and creating a unique and diverse atmosphere in the debut “Dead End Diaries” that runs through the complete, almost 40-minute long masterpiece.

Balance Breach creates a very own style through their music which especially in the current situation makes you want to dive into exuberant moshpits even more. The highly individual songs are always spiced up with technical solos and sophisticated breakdowns which make “Dead End Diaries” as well as Balance Breach as such already appear overly experienced and highly developed.

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Cover photo: (c) Vihis Visuals