Italian experimental act Apple Sauce is back to bringing forward another quirky, polyrhythmic, and random track that is a fun and addictive listen; their new single ‘Alexa’, which is out now via Famined Records, and you can check it out in all music streaming platforms, here.

Combining technicality, soaring vocals, guttural screams, and a flair for the unique and ridiculous, Apple Sauce knows how to make a statement and turn heads. Since their introduction to the scene, the quintet has displayed their layers of diverseness and lightheartedness, and every track they put out will keep you interested, as they give out different kinds of experience each time; with songs about pizza-making and the like.

‘Alexa’ is nothing short of eclectic, we’re sure you’ll realize it even during the first few seconds of the track, just see for yourselves!

Apple Sauce was born in 2016. The band recorded their self-titled debut, “Apple Sauce出鱈目” at Verbena Recording Studios, and shipped it off to get mixed and mastered by Federico Ascari of Wavemotion Recordings (Prospective, Glory Of The Supervenient, Drown In Sulphur). Their first effort will come to fruition and be released in 2020.

Apple Sauce has shared the stage with The Contortionist, Skyharbor, Sunprocrisy, Hypno5e, Ralph Salati (Destrage), Folkstone and more, from across the world.

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