Drawing inspiration from a multitude of genres including pop, indie, or rock’n’roll, this dreamy song opens up gently and immediately showcases Edith’s and Frank’s vivid imagery. Separately, this song is an enduring and ever-evolving link between life and death, between relationships, or one state of mind and another.

Sufletu’i Mai Greureally sets the tone by explaining how much of a very personal form of self-expression is for both the singer Marin Grigore and actor/lyricist Edith Oncica. Edith adds “You can only imagine how words come across. But when someone adds his/her own layer of art by putting my words to music and performing it, you get to hear – and sense – an interpretation. It’s impossible for me to describe what I felt when hearing Marin’s first draft of the song. My words played back to me with another artist’s melody and vocals. The sensation was amazing, especially because he’d managed to create something which beautifully fit what I’d try to convey with the words. My lyrics felt ‘safe’ to Marin’s music.”

‘Sufletu’i Mai Greu’ was born as a collaborative effort, which I really wanted to visualize. My first music video became a soul project for me. It’s done. It’s here. I’m grateful!


Lyrically, the piece has met contemplative characters often weighing up choices, with the heavy soul being the ineradicable link between us all and wildly representing the poet’s fears and anxieties. ‘Sufletu’i Mai Greu‘ finds all artists at their most introspective, their melancholy ode to their soul reflecting upon our fragile life.


Music written and performed by:  @maringrigore

Lyrics:  @edithoncica

Actors:  @edithoncica @maringrigore

Concept, creative direction, wardrobe & styling:  @editbyedith / @edithoncica

DOP:  @iankoo.ro

Camera operator:  @danstroie

Analogue photography:  @editbyedith / @frank_paul_b

Production:  @editbyedith /  @frank_paul_b & @edithoncica

Filmed on location in Bucharest and at @amfiteatrultransilvania Moieciu – Bran, Brasov

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