CVLTARTES proudly premieres Pyrame‘s new video to the track entitled ‘Drifting off the Grid’, which is the third single of Pyrame´s EP ‘The Pace of Everything that Lives‘ released on Thisbe Recordings.

Pyrame is a Swiss artist and cosmic poet currently living in Berlin and is the man behind Thisbe Recordings. His regular collaborator all things video is Christiania Krueger, who together with his team created this video/short film for the compelling dance track. With energy from the start to finish, the bold pop-infused beat is complimented with somewhat dark, suggestive vocals that attract listeners’ attention from the first play.

Filmed in Berlin at the end of 2020, the music video of ‘Drifting off the Grid’, by Pyrame, mixes tradition and progress, the limits of which seem to be very close. The video tries to give a perspective about the good use that the new generations make of technology.

Christiania Krueger

Pyrame articulates his love for that techno/electronic music sound. Although at first sight, both the video and song come on a bit heavy, they underline a distinctive hint that blends so well with the gruesome scenery. The repetitive vocal sample ‘Drifting off the Grid‘ has an addictive simplicity that adds more flavor to the song.

While you might dance along, the video takes you onto a different setting, a darker place, an excursion led by a gloomy voice. It is in fact, a trippy video with interesting child protagonists that seem to possess special powers. One can immediately see and feel the mood and let itself emerged by the video’s story.

Both sonically and visually, Pyrame pushes creative boundaries and provides a new epic experience. The song seems to break in the third minute, but it gives you enough time to catch your breath and enjoy the visuals. It all makes for an almost hypnotic sound.

‘Drifting off the Grid’
A film written and directed by Christiania Krueger
Produced by David Naville In Association with Danke Papa Films
Co-produced by Manuel Radons
Styling: Junko Takasaki
Edited by Christiania Krueger
Featuring: Nikita Takasaki and Mireno Takasaki

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