Spanish Darkwave band DILK returns with their new single “Deprecated” accompanied by an atmospheric video.

“Deprecated” talks about obsolescence. It is a metaphor for human vital functioning. Just as machines become obsolete due to poor performance of their functions, the same can also happen to the individual in search of his fate.

“Deprecated” refers to the search for the vital path, to give it a form and a meaning. How standstill in doubts and regrets makes us fall behind while others have already found their way. The feeling of that life drags you, of feeling that you do not fit in and of constant attempts to adapt without success.

The final reading of the song “Deprecated” is to put yourself back together and try one more time because, in the end, how life is, and it will always be that way as long as you live. That constant search for meaning and your own purpose.

DILK is a Post-Punk and Coldwave band based in Madrid, Spain. Formed in 2018, DILK is the perfect mixture between the dark sounds from the 80s and the new wave of post-punk – combined with electronic vintage rhythms, atmospheric melodies, and blue lyrics.

Reborn from the ashes of other bands, they have only short-lived as a band but have a lot of experience on stage. They already build up a reputation in the Madrid post-punk scene, playing the opening for The Chameleons Vox in Madrid the last spring. 

They released their debut album “Hardship” in January 2020 followed by the new single “Bad Habits” in early 2021. DILK is currently working on new songs to be released in 2022.

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