Nearly three years following the release of their critically acclaimed second album “SULT”, Danish post-metal/noise-rock trio KOLLAPSE are back with a new full-length titled “AR” (“Scars” for non-Scandinavians), which is set to be released on March 8 via Fysisk Format (Norway), Vinyltroll Records (Denmark) and Head Records (France).

“AR” album cover

ABLRecorded and co-produced by Jacob Bredahl at The Dead Rat Studio, mixed by Scott Evans at Antisleep Audio, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, “AR” is meant to be a bruising and challenging encounter with the ugly, shameful, and disappointing parts of the human experience. It confronts the listener head-on with all the noise, desperate and threatening screams, and brutality this three-piece can deliver.

“We purposefully recorded these songs to be abrasive and angular to force the listener to feel the sweaty anxiety and sonic grime. Using the album as a way of dealing with personal issues, both past and present, it is an amalgamation of experiences lived and experiences common on the road,” says the band. 

A music video for leading single ‘Autofagia’ has premiered at Decibel Magazine, which commented “The intensity of the track—a crushing, lurching behemoth that invokes late ’80s NYC scum/noise rock, a la Unsane and Helmet—certainly matches the ugly lyrical subject matter…”

Here’s what the band had to say about its latest track:

“’Autofagia’ refers to the uncommon disorder of consuming one’s own body. The lyrics take the artist’s point of view. When writing the track, we wanted to do something that had a basic but bludgeoning main riff and a couple of fairly old-school noise rock sections.

This was the first song we actually finished for this album. It set the tone, in some senses, for the album, by being more aggressive than some of our previous work. It also features our first ‘real’ breakdown.

The main riff is entirely built around a single dissonant chord, where only the rhythm around it, and the aggressiveness with which it is played, changes; the drums, as they often do, control this song. This creates a certain insistence in the song—it just keeps hitting you with this disgusting chord.

We also really started working with double vocals on this track, with constantly shifting vocals and parts where we are working in accordance with each other. This song came together so fast, and we knew we were finally after having written and discarded a ton of material, heading in the direction we wanted.”

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