THE BLACK CAT’S EYES are sharing ‘Winter Song’, the second single release from the debut album “The Empty Space Between A Seamount And Shock-Headed Julia”, out now on Tonzonen Records. ‘Winter Song’ is a first-class folk-prog ballad, located somewhere between Yes and Motorpsycho.

THE BLACK CAT’S EYES is glaring fuzz, bass and drum riffs, interwoven chord pickings, and lead guitars rooted in the blues – sometimes screaming, singing, or rough. And above everything, the instrumental and song melody hovers almost like a hymn. With their musical style, the band, founded in Frankfurt am Main in 2018, is directly linked to the ’60s and ’70s – the great era of psychedelic rock.

In this way, the five-member musician collective approaches their songs with a keen sense of experimentation. The result is a world of sound lands into which you can completely immerse yourself. Time plays no role here, which is why a single piece can last 13 minutes.

The band comments: “Our music does not describe concrete processes and is not inspired by such. It should and can stand for itself. If our listeners are inspired to their own imaginary journeys via the sound of the music, if films, landscapes, and atmospheres arise in their mind’s eye, then the music has developed its best possible effect.

A special feature of the band: is the use of three guitars, which are not primarily used as a brute wall of sound, but as complex individual voices that fire each other up and spiral to unimagined heights.

The band tells: “Of course, the pieces contain room for improvisation. However, the majority of the music is quite precisely planned in order to specifically create tension and relaxation and not to get lost in trivialities. That’s why The Black Cat’s Eye has never been a jam band. Most of the music is very precisely choreographed and arranged.” 

Common structures or sequences of verse-chorus-bridge are deliberately broken up in order to overcome musical limitations. That this becomes an extraordinary, sensual listening experience is due not least to the precision of the arrangement and the interplay.

“The Empty Space Between A Seamount And Shock-Headed Julia” was mastered by krautrock legend and mastering icon Eroc, who has enhanced the sound of countless indie, psychedelic and neo-krautrock releases.

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