Lim Qi Xuan a.k.a. Qimmyshimmy, is a Singaporean sculptor and artist, some describe her work as “pop-surrealistic”. Quimmyshimmy is establishing herself as one of the most popular artists of the contemporary Asian art scene. Lim draws inspiration from the “creepy-cute” aesthetic, a style that aims to find beauty in what is not conventionally pleasing, therefore challenging our perception of beauty standards in today’s society.

In my sculptural works, I create tension between two worlds— the real and the imagined. My aesthetic sensibilities have been shaped by my love for fantasy stories, old curiosities, time travel, and my yearning for worlds natural and made-believe.

The cute yet disturbing miniature sculptures feature a twist on Dim Sum, a style of Chinese cuisine that dates back to the Tang and Song dynasties but remains much loved and relevant today.

I work as a designer by day and an artist by nightfall, fuelling my two passions with caffeine and even bigger dreams. I spend my days lusting over beautiful typography, maps and collecting strange curiosities.

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